New version has been released


– Fixed issues with downloading new packs. (Sorry for not fixing this earlier)
– Adjusted colors to match current season in Northern hemisphere :). In a few months colors should match season in Southern hemisphere. Yes! It’s all green(ish) now 🙂

Upcomming in version 6

Working on a small feature for Learn Actors version 6. Until now, in the game if one presses “get hint” button, answer is considered wrong. In next version you will get points for correct amount of letters. So if you were able to guess correctly after seeing first few letters you will get some points. It will make game more fun and bit easier to level up.

Version 5 released

GoodNewsEveryoneAs it was said by fictional character Professor Farnswort from Futurama:
“Good news everyone!”, and good they are indeed. New version has been released including feature where you can select actors you have trouble remembering. How it works is that application builds your profile and it knows which actors you have trouble guessing correctly. Now you can select a check box before playing a round to play only those actors that are hard to remember for you.